A brief return …

June 23, 2015 GeneralNews & EventsPress ReleaseVideos  No comments

Stop the presses .... word is just in that there might be a brief Dusty And The Brown Bag Band reunion gig this Saturday (27th June) at The Rose In June beerfest in Milton Road around 8pm!


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Easter treat!

April 14, 2014 GeneralVideos  No comments

As a slightly pre-Easter treat here's the final video in the series from Dusty's appearance at last years Rox Festival. The title track to the Telephone Road sessions EP ... and don't forget the entire EP is downloadable for free from the website (any voluntary contributions are passed on to the Portsmouth Homestart Charity)

..... if you don't see the YouTube video window just click on the "Read More" link ...



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Gone fishing … until October!

February 26, 2014 General  No comments

Well we never did discover exactly WHERE DUSTY WAS ... perhaps we were mistaken when we thought the photo below showed him at The Spinnaker Tower ... or perhaps not? Either way, it appears Dusty has taken a short holiday, but the latest intelligence we have is that there will be more concrete news this October.

Dusty at ... The Spinnaker Tower?

Watch this page for further updates nearer the time. Until October we can only assume Dusty has just gone fishing!


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Time for another live video

February 21, 2014 GeneralVideos  No comments

OK, time for another video from Dusty's appearance at last years Rox Festival. This time it's the one that dissolves into psychedelic craziness, THIS RATIO ... ah! takes me back to the Sixties man!


As always, if you don't see the video window click on 'Read More'. Enjoy ...

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Where is Dusty? … somewhere near!

February 11, 2014 GeneralNews & Events  No comments

We're really onto something now, Dusty appears to be very close! The latest sighting shows him on what we can only assume is the Gosport Ferry. We can't be sure if he was heading towards Portsmouth or Gosport, but a glance in the background certainly explains all the roadworks on the M275 lately ... the Tipner Bridge has been upgraded massively! It surely won't be much longer now, we are quietly confident that before very much longer we will know exactly .... WHERE DUSTY IS!

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Where is Dusty? … another local sighting

February 1, 2014 General  No comments

As soon as we got news of the latest Dusty sighting, in the form of the attached photo, we were straight onto it, not wanting any more near misses. Within the hour we had arrived at Brighton Pavillion and set about a thorough and methodical search of the whole area. But once more it appears we were too late, and Dusty had given us the slip again. We have studied the photo carefully and couldn't find the actual location it was taken from. We can only conclude it must have been shot at a very strange angle as we couldn't find any of Brighton's Pavilion domes that looked as tall as in the photo. Oh well, the search goes on and we will eventually find ... WHERE DUSTY IS!

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Time for a new video

January 25, 2014 GeneralNews & EventsVideos  No comments

We thought it was time for another video release from last years Rox Festival. This time we've gone for the rip-roaring START AGAIN ... the keyboard solo just has to be seen to be believed (go for it Jake)!!!



(Hit "Read More" to get to the video play window if it's not visible)

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Where is Dusty? … another near miss?

January 21, 2014 GeneralNews & Events  No comments

After receiving the following photograph we knew we were onto something. The team immediately climbed into the DustyMobile and we hot footed it up to Blackpool. After breaking up into smaller groups we methodically searched all around the Blackpool Tower for hours, but yet again Dusty seems to have eluded us! We admitted defeat and returned to base dejected. It must have been a close thing, and we're sure we'll find him next time. By hook or by crook, we will find out ... WHERE DUSTY IS!

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Where is Dusty? … duff lead!

January 16, 2014 GeneralNews & Events  No comments

We came by some exciting news today with a possible sighting of Dusty at Portsmouth sea front! We had it on good authority that Dusty had been spotted at The Pyramids, so we immediately jumped in the old faithful DustyMobile and headed out to the sea front to find him.

Unfortunately it turned out to be duff lead, there was no sign of him anywhere. So it's back to the office to mull over the hastily taken snap we have of Dusty at The Pyramids to try to work out why we couldn't find him. Here's picture, for what use it is ... we've looked and we just don't know WHERE DUSTY IS!

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Something’s happening …

January 12, 2014 News & Events  No comments

This week sees a return to rehearsals for The Brown Bag Band, but "What about Dusty?" we hear you ask. We have some exciting news on that front, but we're keeping it under our hats for now. Suffice to say that the lads are reassembling later this week with a view to getting 'gig ready' in a very short space of time. Rumours are that not only are the band working on the old favoutites, but there may even be one or two new songs in the mix. We'll be keeping you posted with progress as soon as we're able.

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